The proposed model comprises the use of a generative design system and a production system supported by computer-aided design. It enables the characterisation, exploration, evaluation and production of custom solutions within a predefined design language.

The generative design system corresponds to the embodiment design phase of the design process. It encompasses two subsystems: shape generation and shape evaluation. The shape grammar is implemented as a set of parametric design models to permit the interactive generation of customised variants. These customised variants become the input information to the shape evaluation subsystem, which comprises simulation and optimisation, to guarantee the structural feasibility of the customised chairs under operating conditions.

The conceptualised production system, corresponds to the detail design and production phases of the design process, in which the production process is formalised. It is proposed a reconfigurable tooling system for automated wood bending which directly reflects the requirements of the design process, the specificities of the product, and the constraints of the material.