The concept of authentic


Joseph Pine is the author of the book Mass customization: the new frontier in business competition. The book, written in 1993, developed further the concept of mass customization coined in 1987 by Stan Davis in Future Perfect.

Davis defines mass customization as an expression with a broad sense that embraces transformations in fabrication, distribution and delivery of manufactured goods according to the needs of a specific user. With Pine its meaning has evolved to describe a strategy that uses information technologies in order to produce customized goods at low cost, fast response through a pace comparable to industrial production, representing a discontinuity with the traditional methods of mass production and standardization, establishing itself as a new paradigm.

In this TED talk Pine explores the concept of authenticity that consumers want to experience when buying a particular service or product. Authenticity can be achieved in many ways: sometimes this experience is communicated by the company, sometimes it is experienced by the consumers in the dimensions of buying / using / and thinking about the functional and symbolic values of the product.

The realm of authenticity provides different approaches for positioning of companies, designers and consumers. Communication, product quality and time become the key issues for the aforementioned players.