Mário Barros (born 1981) approaches design as a system that requires understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders in order to develop holistic solutions. His work translates his interest in interdisciplinary grounds, aiming to bridge the gaps between: academic research and industrial application; theory and practice; resources and communities; function and meaning.

He holds a B.Sc. (2004) in industrial design from the Faculty of Fine-Arts and a Ph.D. (2015) in design from the Faculty of Architecture, both from the University of Lisbon.

Before finishing his graduation, Mário joined a design consultancy startup to work directly for users and clients. After, he decided to join to the academia as an assistant professor to be involved in the creation of a B.Sc. degree in Design and Product Development. He was able to address the critical relation between education, industry and society, and participate in its improvement: by establishing partnerships with organisations, both national and internationally; by developing projects tacking issues of local communities; and by collaborating in multidisciplinary teams to establish an Innovation Lab to develop R&D for manufacturing companies. The continuous goal of improving methods for the design industry led Mário to pursue his PhD research focusing product design for mass customisation.

Now, as information technology challenges the globally-connected society to unprecedented levels of complexity, Mário is thrilled to return to the industry after concluding his PhD. He aims to address real users’ problems and improve them by humanising products and services.

Mário is available to work as a designer, consultant, researcher or lecturer. For more information, please drop him a line at:

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